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Producto de la planta minepox de aggeneys

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Aggeneys is a small community in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. Situated one hundred kilometres east of Carolusberg on the Springbok Pofadder.

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Aggeneys is a small community in the Northern Cape province. One hundred kilometres east of Carolusberg, Aggeneys (place of water)

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Programme. Amendment. RHDHV Reference Number: E02.CPT.000402. DMR Reference: ML 5/2000. Date: October 2013. Location: Aggeneys, Northern Cape.

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Aggeneys Wikipedia

Aggeneys is a mining town established in 1976 on a farm of that name, situated between Pofadder and Springbok in the Northern Cape, South Africa.

Aggeneys, Namakwa, Northern Cape, South Africa Mindat

The Aggeneys base metal deposits are located on the farms Aggeneys, Gams and Zuurwater, the nearest town is Pofadder 60 km to the east and the Orange.




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